Copper Rose Everlasting World

26 Kwai Cheong Road, Hover Industry Building, Kwai Chung
  • The Workshop also is known as Everlasting World
  • Create your own Copper Rose
  • Workshop teaches 2 kinds of skills
  • Total duration takes around 5 hours
  • The vest glass can upgrade to LED Light and Bluetooth Speaker
  • Price already includes materials and lecturer fee

The copper rose gives the people a feeling of eternal feeling. The scene is designed by two old people sitting under the flowers, next to a piece of copper iron, engraved with the word "keep going". I hope that even if you are old, you will still believe in your heart. Under careful protection and hard work, the seedlings in the heart will eventually grow into a brilliant flower that is invincible.


This workshop involves two processes:

- Using copper sheets to make copper roses that will last forever

- Learning scene making skills


Course content:

Metal properties and tools explanation | Texture and shaping techniques | Welding and cold joining techniques (not using glue) | Annealing and forging | Grinding and various surface treatments: Polishing / matte / wire drawing | Daily care skills



Class Fee: One of three bell glass jars can be selected


1) Pure glass cover $980

2) Glass cover with LED lighting $1050

3) Glass cover with LED light with blue horn speaker (pictured) $1210


Color Choices: 1) Gold | 2) Rose Gold | 3) Silver (+$20)


**Tiny figures can be bought again when arriving workshop due to the price is slighting difference (about $15-55) between each figure. This workshop takes around 5 hours.

The fine detail of the rose can be seen in this picture. One of the benefits of creating a copper rose is that it can last forever.
You can choose your own scene for the base of the flower. Unleash your imagination and create
The glass cover can upgrade to a LED Lighting glass cover for a more stunning look.
We will also teach you how to hide the wire with our own technique so it will not be exposed and easily seen
This is a work by one of our student - A gift for his wife on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Any age can join our workshop
The glass case not only give the final product its showcase of (the world), but it also helps to protect dust or other harmful substance from contacting the product, keeping the art piece the fresh look
Through our workshop we will teach you ways to make the petals of the rose. None of each rose will look the same, and it is yours to create
Close up of the final product, this student created a grass land along with some bushes and colorful flowers. A memory that last forever.
Another old couple made for one another. You can even forge any letters onto the metal plate and place inside together
Use it as a lamp or as a simple living room decoration. Either way, you will not be bored looking at it everyday.
  • Company: HERE Workshop
  • Price: from HKD 550 per person (Include Lecturer and material fee)
  • Reservation Number: 9710 5134
  • Email:
  • Venue:  26 Kwai Cheong Road, Hover Industry Building, Kwai Chung
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