agapē Resin Art Painting - (Can choose 21cm, 27cm, 30cm)

Room H , 14/F , International Industrial Centre , 2 Kwei Tei Street, Fo Tan
  • Log Pallet Resin Art Paint's ultimate experience, create a wood dish art that you will be amazed
  • Long-diameter wooden pallets allow Resin to flow and mix, creating a very detailed pattern
  • Designed for you who are interested in art design
  • Good hand-made gift for friends, family, couples, or even yourself!

Resin Wood Art Resin Art
An art form that retains the flow of paint inside an art painting

Can be create in display / furnishings / home-use / painting / wall clock
Select resin epoxy from Japan




Log tray Workshop Selection:


1. Wooden Plate 30cmØ: Large. Wooden plate 30cmØ

Price: Single: HKD$ 800 | Two people: HKD$ 1500


2. Wooden Plate 27cmØ: Medium. Wooden plate 27cmØ

Price: Single: HKD$ 750| Two people: HKD$ 1400


3. Wooden Plate 21cm: Small. Wooden plate 21cmØ

Price: Single: HKD$ 720| Two people: HKD$ 1340


**Price includes material fee and tools

**Special price: additional $30/each (original price $80) Installed as a clock

**All of the above includes a free 10cmØ round coaster for preliminary practice



Presenting another unique resin painting

"Abstract Fluid Painting"


Resin art is a three-dimensional painting technique. Because of the use of layered painting, it can produce 3D effects. The workshop allows you to create resin artwork. Under the guidance of the artist Rolland, you will learn the basics of resin painting and showcase the abstract style.

The specialty of using Resin Art Painting Technique is even with 3 simple colors can create an unique complex pattern
Place a couple of colorful fruit onto the plate makes the art piece even more stunning
The plate can be simply transformed into a clock.
Hang this clock on the wall of your home surely will stand out and create a pleasant feeling to all the guest looking at it
Simple object can also be place into the tray to make it look stunning. A simple rock plus a blue background makes it looks like ocean wave on the beach
Dark abstract art can also be present onto the tray, giving it another feeling to the admirers, telling another story
The simplicity of using just blue and white creates a unique wavy pattern
Or try using color to mimic the earth's atmosphere and the clouds in the sky. (aka. view from outer-space!
This art form is totally up to you. Unleash your imagination and let your color swirl!
  • Company: Agape
  • Reservation Number: 6675 6167
  • Email:


  • Suitable Age: Above 5-year-old
  • Persons: 1 ~20, More than 20 persons please contact for further discussion
  • Duration: 1~1.5 (intent class)  /   2 ~ 2.5 (normal class)
  • Venue:  Room H, 14/F, International Industrial Centre, 2 Kwei Tei Street, Fo Tan, HK
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