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What is Activity Host?

If you have a talent, and you want to make extra money from it, this is a place for you! Here we offer a place for you to host your own activity, from exhibiting your activities to collecting payment. We prov ide everything in assisting you to do more with your talent

How to become Activity Host?

Anyone can become an Activity Host. Posting your activity is simple. The whole process takes couple minutes and completely free!

Hosting Activity

Understand hosting activity in 3 steps

Posting Activity

Fill in activity content, including the itinerary, pictures, prices and more. When completed, it will be displaying in the activity section of 2book.

Collect Payment

According to your set price and schedule, guest can directly purchase via your activity page

Activity Go-Day

After several days of the actual activity, the collected payment will be transferred directly to your bank account

About Activity Host

Ronald is a musician. His job is to travel to different places to perform and earns money.
Many did not know, but Ronald is also very good at baking cake. He will use his spare time to teach other people how to bake cake, sharing his passion, and making extra income.

The Types of Activity

Limited to your imagination


Set up different types of workshop. Share your passionate and skills with other people, such as cooking class, wood work, photography skills, etc.


Performance a live concert, or maybe a comedy show. Create memories for your audience


Bring your guest to explore different places that you knows. Experience the culture, or maybe hold a biking tour or even a food experience.

Simplicity of Collecting Payment

Add Options Anytime, Flexibly Set Prices

Price Flexibility

We understand different options may lead to different price. Our system allows you to flexibly set different price to different options

Offer Discount

You may provide discount to attract more customers. Experiment with your price module, adjust when you think it is ready

Deposit Directly

After the Activity is complete, money will be depositing directly into your bank account. No more hassle, no more wait

Over 500k Viewers

Since 2016, 2book focus on renting our venues and party rooms. Over the years we gained support with over 500 Companies. This results in our ever-growing views of our website.
Your posted activity will be our website’s next focus. You will be guaranteed that many 2book users will be able to view your activities, making it the hottest topic.

Join us as Activity Host

Use Skills, Share Passion, Earn More Income

Please leave your name, phone number, and email address to us. Our staff will be contacting you very shortly.

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