Create your own little planet - Blue Moon Workshop

Room 16, 6/F 6A2, Kaiser Estate (Phase 1), 35-37 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom
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  • Flexibility schedule, please call to make an appointment 3 working days before
  • Finished items include a blue moon (8cm) and a starry sky ball (7cm)
  • The moon includes LED lights (not including the turntable base)
  • Beginner workshop, suitable for children to work with
  • Uses natural perfume which includes a variety of natural aromatherapy oils and high-quality sesame oil imported from Australia

<Blue Moon> - Cut N Carve's recent creation, inspired by "Once in a Blue Moon", a metaphor for events that do not happen often. This unique blue moon astronomical phenomenon only appeared once in two to three years, and now in the Cut N Carve workshop you can shape yours by the artistic style of the candle. Each piece is unique, elegant and romantic, especially when it is lit, it will show its exquisite craftsmanship. How can you possibility miss out this art candle decoration?


Workshop Information:

Finish Product: One blue moon (8cm) and one starry ball (7cm)
Price: HKD 590 per person, (including materials and tutor fees included)


  • The program is safe and simple, suitable for ages 10 or older
  • Participants under the age of 10 need parental guidance and are a good choice for parent-child activities.
  • Flexible workshop time, welcome to inquire
  • Payment must be confirmed 5 business days before the church
  • The fragrance includes a variety of natural aromatherapy oils and high-quality sesame oils imported from Australia, IFRA compliant, phthalate free
The blue moon will grow in the dark at night time. It can be use as bedside lamp
The moon comes with many different color. Unleash your creativity to create your special moon
Share the fun with friends and family! Those moon looks phenomenal when placed together
Blue Color - when it is in a absolute dark place, the moon&#039;s detail will become very obvious. Look at the craters on the moon!
Grey-ish color not only reflect the true color of the moon, but its elegance also stands out on its own
Pick is among the popular color choose by a girl. It will match the bedroom, trust me.
When the planet and the moon are placed together, it becomes a set. If you have planning to give it to a friends, well, it is also a perfect gift set
The combination are unlimited! Try out which one suits your style the most
We have bloggers coming out to also try out the workshop, and she loves it!
Your _____ moon is waiting for you! Fill in the blank ;)
  • Company: Candle Alchemy
  • Price: $590 per person
  • Reservation Number: 6633 4356
  • Email:


  • Age: Above 10 year old
  • Person: 1 ~ 10
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Veune: Room 16, 6/F 6A2, Kaiser Estate (Phase 1), 35-37 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom
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