Carve Candle Workshop

Room 16, 6/F 6A2, Kaiser Estate (Phase 1), 35-37 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom
  • Art Deco candle carving workshop is extremely rare in the market
  • Timeless beauty and environmental protection, equipped with LED lights
  • Received a beautifully decorated candle with an LED candle
  • Suitable for Beginners to participate
  • Free choice to use a variety of colors to personalize candles
  • Matte candles, which will be available on the spot after the course is completed
  • Glossy candles will need to be retrieved after 3 days.

What changes can be made to a flat candle? The art of candle carving and handcraft will definitely make you fascinated. The color matching, the carving of the human hand, the deliberate distortion of the periphery of the candle... All the purpose is to make the light of the candle core shine like a kaleidoscope, with a variety of colors, layers, and lines. The craftsmanship involved in the shackles is extremely high. Each hand-made light-transparent candle is elegant and exquisitely crafted. It is definitely a home decoration art that attracts an eye-catching look.


Each piece is also a unique piece of installation artwork, suitable for office/home placement, gift-giving, or your own use.


Workshop Information:

  • Course time 3 hours
  • Explain the characteristics of the candle and the precautions when engraving
  • Demonstration and teaching of hand-carved candles (candles 4吋 high)
  • Teaching multiple ways to use art candles
  • The instructor will demonstrate first, then personally guide the students to experience and complete their personal work.


HKD 790 per person (including materials and tutor fees)



  • No age limit, suitable for anyone
  • Flexible workshop time, welcome to inquire
  • Every small class, four people per place
  • Course time: 2 hours
  • Payment must be confirmed 5 business days before the class


The design concept is to be environmentally safe and avoid carbon dioxide emissions. You can also enjoy the unique and soft light of art candles without burning candles, and maintain the long-lasting beauty of each art candle.

Each hand-carve candles are free to match any color you desire. Feel free to let your imagination run wild
Each candle comes with a LED light placed in the center of the candle. This way the candle can preserve for a long time and does not omit any CO2
Our past student using a frog as theme. There are no limitations in being creative
This is a candle from our last Christmas's special workshop.
This is another candle created by our talented student. The combination of red candle and a rabbit matches perfectly
A little technique in carving candles is that all carving must be complete within 15 minutes after the candle is heated up, otherwise it will turn hard and make it impossible to carve to your desire shape
Each candles has its colors and patterns; each candle is unique from one another
There is a secret technique in creating this colorful candles, through the dipping process, which will be cover in class
LED light lid the candles like a kaleidoscope, emitting colors, shapes and more! Come make your own today!
  • Company: Candle Alchemy
  • Price: $790 per person
  • Reservation Number: 6633 4356
  • Email:


  • Age: No Limited
  • Person: 1 ~ 4
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Venue: Room 16, 6/F 6A2, Kaiser Estate (Phase 1), 35-37 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom
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